About us

The Center of Debates and Studies on Penal Process "Ioan Tanoviceanu" is a scientific association, comprising processpenalists, mainly practitioners.

The scope provided by our Statute is to promote a democratic and scientific approach, with due regard to human dignity, of the penal justice system,  in order to align Romania and its peculiarities to west-european requirements to perfect this system, encouraging the contacts and scientific collaborations  between the Romanian processpenalists, and also between the Romanian and the foreign ones, to avoid thus the parochiality  and scientific sterility in this area.

The actual Board of Directors contains the following founder members:

advocate Dănuţ Bugnariu, as President;

auditor of justice M.iur. Sorin-Alexandru Vernea, as Vicepresident;

advocate M.iur. Ion Nefliu, as Secretary.

As the Statute provides, are entitled to become members of the Center the professors in law, the scientific researchers, judges, prosecutors, actuaries, lawyers and Master or PhD graduates, related to which may be risen  the reasonable presumption that they are suitable to follow the scope and objectives of Association.  

One objective is to periodically organise  scientific debates, conferences, seminars in the area,  with international participation at least one time per year, and national at least three times per year .

You may find us at cdspp.tanoviceanu[at]gmail.com