Plea Bargaining Across Borders

by Jenia I. Turner, Aspen Publishers

Published 10/19/2009

Criminal Procedure can be used alongside any criminal procedure casebook to explore how criminal defendants are treated under different national and international jurisdictions.

Jenia Iontcheva Turner employs realistic hypothetical scenarios to illustrate how different attitudes toward plea bargaining and sentencing can produce a range of outcomes across jurisdictions.

The book features:

- a brief history of plea bargaining in each jurisdiction;

- relevant primary sources of law;

-  analysis that focuses on the participants, timing, and setting of negotiations and on the subject matter of plea agreements;

-  discussion of the legal conditions for a valid guilty plea;

-  discussion of the law regarding withdrawal of a guilty plea and breach of a plea agreement;

-  scholarly commentary supporting or criticizing plea bargaining;

-   succinct overview charts that show country comparisons at a glance.

Posted, November the 6th, 2011.